Travel & Info

Here we put up some infos for our guests from abroad. If you don’t find your answers on this page here, join our WhatsApp-Event-group or contact us via email.

Travelling by plane
Closest airports are Basel and Zurich. Please check out both options. From there, it takes around 1 hour 15 minutes to Lucerne. From Zurich airport there’s a direct connection, while from Basel you have to change once (from bus to train). You will find further information (pricing etc.) on

No Euro in Switzerland, we do Swiss Francs. Some places take Euro notes and give you back coins in Swiss Francs. 

Where to eat: We recommend to you our friends’ and sponsors’ places, namely Bistro Krienbrüggli, Disco Pizza, Barbès and El Rincón Argentino.

In clubs you should be able to pay via credit card, also in taxis. But it is safe to have a bit cash with you, just in case.

Shops are open Monday to Friday until 6.30pm, Saturdays until 5pm. The shops at the mainstation are open longer and also on Sundays (until 8 or 9pm.). 

Public transport in Lucerne
In general, you can reach any place in Lucerne easily by foot, let’s say it takes around 15 minutes to anywhere. Please check out if the hotel/ hostel you’re staying in is offering you a free voucher for public transport. If not you can consider to buy a multiple-trip-ticket for 6 bus stops. Further information about connections etc. on

Sedel shuttle on Saturday
On Saturday the Sedel will provide a shuttle that will bring you to the location and also back to city centre. Please note that the last shuttle will drive at 4am, which means that you will probably have to organise/ share a taxi if you want to stay until the end of the event.

Driving each direction with a taxi (e.g. venue to hotel) should cost you around 20 to 25 Swiss Francs. Please note: The Sedel, venue on Saturday, is a bit out of town. It will be the best option to share a cab with others.

If you like to ride a bike maybe you’ll find something here: Rent a Bike, or here: NextBike

By the way, we have different plugs here in Switzerland. The German AC power plugs don’t work without an adapter nor those strange British ones. But the so called Europlugs are fine.