Thomas Schlatter (TW)

For those in the know, I am the founder of the Swiss Soul Club and the original Swiss Soul Weekender, before it adopted the name ‘Not Too Young.’ After leaving Switzerland, I had the honor of serving as a resident DJ at Tokyo’s Night Fox Club. Subsequently, I took the initiative to start the Formosa Soul Club in Taiwan. Presently, I’m based in Bangkok, fully engaged in the dynamic realms of Soul, Funk, and Boogie music. My objective is clear and simple: to spread my passion for soul music wherever life takes me.

Some tunes I like to play:

Sonlight – Get Together (Spearhead)
Quest – Boy Scouts (Silver Lining)
Gloria Bagwell – Can’t Be Your Lady (Bill Jones Records)
Jesse Gomez – Baby I’m Coming At You (Mankind)
Cuisine – Put Your Body In It (AJC Quatom)