Rude Attack Soundsystem (CH)

Brick Top & Witzcky (Rudeattack Soundsystem)

Gimme a bunch of mates, who want to share their passion for original Reggae & Soul at the best club on this planet, Sedel – The Club in our home town Luzern. Rude Attack was born! After some do’s, we went into promoting gigs & released a handful of records as well. Our aim was to present contemporary bands, which keep the 60’s Ska/Reggae/Soul flag flying.

After some years unfortunately, our original core member Andy left the crew. It was quite a loss, so the remaining members Witschi and Jefy decided to stop as gig promoter. So, we went back to put on Reggae & Soul do’s with the intention to invite one (international) guest DJ each and every do.

Over the years and with our countless trips to the UK, the wish to build an own Sound System grew more and more. Finally, in 2014 we managed to realise our dream together with Rouven, another long-term Reggae aficionado. Now, it’s 2023 and the Rude Attack train keeps on rolling, already for 23 years!