Leo K (DE)

Leo K plays records. Growing up and living in Berlin he found himself exposed to various musical scenes and styles at a young age. These influences, as well as a seemingly unstoppable hunger for records shine through in his often genre-bending DJ-sets. Roughly focused on soulful and unquantized music from the 1970s and 80s, a Detroit Techno record, a Garage House tune or a Lovers Rock 45 is just as likely to touch the platter within one of his sets. He has been and is part of various parties in Berlin like Disco Spektrum or the more free-flowing Plastic Flowers Open Air Party and holds a monthly residency on the Munich-based community radio Radio 80000 with his show Dreams For Sale.

Leo’s Top 5
Al Johnson – I’ve Got My Second Wind
Barbara Hall – You Brought It On Yourself
The Defaulters ft. Charles Hancock – Gentle Man
Lydia Marcelle – Easy Breezy
Universal Togetherness Band – Ain’t Gonna Cry