Flo Matt (CH)

I’m Florian and I’ve been collecting 45s for 13 years. I discovered my passion through good old hip hop, and I like the samples of the 90s hip hop groups. I really started digging records in Lucerne with Emel and Henning and not to forget at Comix Remix. I DJed in Lucerne and also in Zurich at the Canzoniere, also organizing the record fair there. I like the genres SWEET, Deep, Modern Crossover, Blue Eyed and Gospel & (Funk).

My Top 5’s

Franceola – Mighty Good Man (Maestro)
Charlene & The Soul Serenaders – Can You Win (Volt)
The X-Cessors – Silent Weapon (Lu Tall)
Dirty’D – You Told Me A Lie (Power Funksion)
Mantis – I Know (Smoke)