Capital Soul Sinners (CH)

The DJ collective Capital Soul Sinners was founded 17 years ago. Five DJs joined together in a period of a tired or non-existent Rhythm’n’Blues and Soul scene in the Swiss capital Berne.

DJ el Tigre has been spinning records for almost 40 years and was earlier bass player for the “The Monsters” and “The Super Supers”. Later the Capital Soul Sinners released the single “Mama Soul / The Super Supers (CSS-001)” on the occasion of their fifth anniversary.

N’dee Fresh has been in the business for several decades and has an impressive record collection of Rap history too in addition to his Soul collection. DJ el Mensajero joined the collective later after living in Bangkok for several years and returning to Switzerland. He is also addicted to French sixties records.

The youngest sinners Silvio Serioso and Madame Violence met for the first time in a bar where she worked and he was on his way to his very first gig as a DJ back in 2005. They got to know each other and their common passion for soul music was strong: later they got married and now they mostly spin records together.

DJ N’dee Fresh, Madame Violence & Silvio Serioso will represent the Capital Soul Sinners at the 11th NOT TOO YOUNG Swiss Soul Weekender.